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At Still Point Fencing Studio we believe the benefits of fencing should be shared with any who are interested. Experience the energetic and fun world of fencing in an environment that will challenge and grow you. 



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Fencers and fencing families, please note the following changes to our regular class times. All fencers are welcome to attend any/all of the makeup classes offered, or attend classes in addition to their regular class times in order to make up for any classes missed due to these changes. Thank you

There will be no class offered on the following dates:

• September 29

(Makeup classes offered 10/12 )

• October 4-6

(Makeup classes offered 10/17 & 10/19 )

• November 24 - November 30 (Thanksgiving Break)

(Fencers are welcome to all classes the month of November, Happy Fencing!)

Our classes adhere to the United States Fencing Age Classification groupings. Click here to download the US Fencing Age Classification Document.

Parents, refer to the information below to find the appropriate class time for your children.
Kids Class = Ages 8 and below.
Cadet Fencing = Ages 9-16 To be eligible for this class, fencers must first complete 2 months of New Fencer classes.
Still Point New Fencers = These introductory classes are small and teach the fundamentals of fencing to prepare fencers for our other classes.

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About coach nick

Coach Nick Competing in the Prescott Fall Classic 2016

Coach Nick Competing in the Prescott Fall Classic 2016

coach nick

Nick's 14 years of fencing experience began, like many fencers' paths, with a routine viewing of the film the Princess Bride. The elaborate footwork, and fast-paced bladework on display captivated Nick, and he was happy to learn that the world of competitive fencing was just as exciting. Under the tutelage of Coach Yvonne Gallego, Nick began to compete across the United States; growing as both a fencer and an individual. Patience, persistence, and dedication are only a handful of virtues that Nick has learned while pursuing his passion for fencing. As a coach, Nick works to instill these values, among others, into the students he teaches.

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